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Nedeva II (S. P. 64)

(SP-64: dp. 18; l. 60-; b. 10-10-; dr. 1-2-; s. 12 k.; a. 1 1-pdr.)

A former name retained.

Nedeva II, a motor boat built in 1917 by Essington Shipbuilding Co., Essington, Pa., was taken over by the Navy from J. H. R. Cromwell, Philadelphia, Pa. 10 April 1917, and placed in service the same day, with Cromwell in command.

Operating in the 4th Naval District, headquartered at Philadelphia, Nedeva II patrolled in the area, protecting shipping in the Delaware River. After wartime service, she was placed out of service and returned to her owner.

Published: Wed Feb 10 12:42:52 EST 2016