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Nausett IV (ACM-15)

(ACM-15: dp. 910; 1. 189-; b. 37-; dr. 12-; s. 12 k.; cpl. 135; cl. ACM-11)

A misspelling, common until the 1870's, of Nauset, an inlet on the east coast of Cape Cod. The misspelling was perpetuated with the naming of later ships for the first Nausett.


Originally built as a mine planter for the U.S. Army, auxiliary mine layer ACM-15 was transferred to the custody of the Navy in March 1951. Never commissioned, ACM-15 was first berthed at Charleston as a unit of the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. Later moved to Green Cove Springs, Florida, she remained in reserve until struck from the Navy List, 1 July 1960. During that time she was redesignated MMA-15, 7 February 1955, and named Nausett, 1 May 1955. After being struck, Nausett was stripped and sold, 17 May 1961, to Caribbean Enterprises, Inc., Miami, Florida.

Published: Wed Aug 12 12:58:39 EDT 2015