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Nansemond II (No. 1395)

(ScStr: dp. 25,000; l. 559-6- (b.p.); b. 62-2-; dr. 32-8-; s. 13 k.; cpl. 399; a. 2 6-, 2 3-)

A county and a river in southeastern Virginia.


Nansemond (No. 1395), formerly Pennsylvania of the Hamburg-American Line, was built in 1896 by Hartland & Wolff, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and taken over by USSB in 1917. Nansemond served in the Army Cargo and Transport Service throughout the war before being transferred to the Navy and commissioned 20 January 1919 at Hoboken, N.J., Lt. Comdr. W. MacLeod, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to NOTS, Nansemond departed Now York 4 February laden with Army supplies. She arrived St. Nazaire 16 February, discharged her cargo, and sailed 26 February for home carrying returning troops of the AEF, arriving Newport News 11 March 1919. During the next four months Nansemond continued in the Transport Service returning troops and convalescents of the AEF, making one turnabout run in thirty-two days.

Upon returning to New York in August she decommissioned on the 25th and returned to USSB. She was scrapped in 1924.

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