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Montgomery I (Frigate)

During the French and Indian War, Richard Montgomery, born in northern Ireland 23 December 1739, fought at Quebec with Wolfe, and in the campaign against the Spanish West Indies. He returned to America in 1772, purchased an estate on the Hudson River, and married the daughter of Robert R. Livingston.

When war with England broke out, Montgomery sided with the Americans and was commissioned brigadier general in the fall of 1775. He succeeded General Schuyler in command of the expedition against Canada, captured Fort St. John-s and Fort Chambly, and entered Montreal in triumph. Montgomery was killed by British artillery during an unsuccessful assault on Quebec, 31 December 1775.


(Fr: 24 guns)

The first Montgomery was one of the first 13 frigates authorized by the Continental Congress 13 December 1775. She was built by Lancaster Burling at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; launched late in October 1776; but, because of the British capture of New York City and the closing of the Hudson River, was never finished. The frigate was burned to prevent capture 6 October 1777.

Published: Tue Aug 11 12:00:30 EDT 2015