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Montana (BB-67)


Starboard view of the Roosevelt at dock
Caption: Model of Montana, circa 1943, reflecting the ultimate in U.S. battleship design, showing clearly the arrangement of main and secondary batteries as envisioned. (Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph NH 44529)

See also Montana (Armored Cruiser No. 13), and Montana (BB-51).

The name Montana was assigned to BB-67 on 28 December 1940, but construction of the lead ship of the Montana (BB 67) class, slated to be constructed at the Philadelphia (Pa.) Navy Yard, was suspended on 20 May 1942, then canceled altogether on 21 July 1943, prior to her keel being laid down.

Robert J. Cressman

Updated 18 January 2024

Published: Thu Jan 18 14:45:50 EST 2024