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Manhattan III (YTB-779)

(YTB‑779: dp. 283; l. 109'; b. 31'; dr. 14'; s. 12 k.; cpl.12; cl. Natick)

An Indian tribe of the Wappinger Confederacy which occupied the area now the site of New York City, and which gave its name to the island at the northern end of New York Bay, bounded by the Hudson, the East, and the Harlem Rivers.


The third Manhattan (YTB‑779) was laid down 1 October 1964 by Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, Wis.; launched 15 July 1965; and placed in service 19 August 1965.

Assigned to the Pacific Fleet, the large harbor tug transited the Panama Canal and steamed to Hawaii for duty in the U.S. Naval Shipyard at Pearl Harbor. The vital harbor services which she performs would do credit to a much larger ship; the skilled seamanship of Manhattan and the Navy's other small craft is a critical component in keeping combatants and other large ships in a state of peak readiness, and is thus a significant contribution to the Navy-s power to keep the peace. She continues her unglamorous but important role into 1969.

Published: Wed Aug 05 13:41:20 EDT 2015