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Madison II (Schooner)

(Sch.: t. 112; l. 73'; b. 22'; a. 1 20‑pdr.; cl. Van Buren)

James Madison was the fourth President of the United States. See James Madison (DANFS III,496) for President Madison's biography.

Commander James Jonas Madison, born 20 May 1888 in Jersey City, N.J., was appointed lieutenant in the Naval Reserve 8 May 1917. As commanding officer of Ticonderoga 30 September 1918 when she was attacked and sunk by enemy submarines, Commander Madison, in spite of severe wounds which later necessitated the amputation of a leg, continued to direct and maneuver the ship until forced to order her abandoned. "For exceptionally heroic service in a position of great responsibility..." during this engagement, Commander Madison was awarded the Medal of Honor. He died 25 December 1922 at Brooklyn, N.Y. The first two Madisons were named for President Madison; the third for Comdr. Madison.


The schooner Madison was designed by Capt. Edward Preble and built for the U.S. Revenue Service in 1832.

Madison was part of the mosquito fleet, serving against Seminole Indians in Florida 2 August 1841 to 29 July 1842. She was returned to the Treasury Department in 1842 and transferred to the U.S. Coastal Survey in 1850.

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