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Louisville II (Id. No. 1644)


The second U.S. Navy ship named Louisville. The first Louisville, an ironclad centerwheel gunboat, served from 1862-1865 ( Union sidewheel steamer Manitou of the Mississippi Squadron captured Confederate steamer Louisville on the Little Red River, Ark., on 13 July 1863, and she was subsequently renamed Cuachita. The third Louisville, a light cruiser (CL‑28), was reclassified to a heavy cruiser (CA-28) on 1 July 1931, and served from 1931-1959 ( The fourth Louisville, an attack submarine (SSN-724), has served since 1986 (

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(Id. No. 1644: displacement 16,275; length 535'6"; beam 63'; draft 27'5"; speed 19.25 knots)

The American Line steamship St. Louis (q.v.), after seeing naval service during the Spanish‑American War under her merchant name, was taken over for a second time on 26 April 1918, renamed Louisville (Id. No. 1644) and commissioned on 27 April 1918. Following several round‑trip voyages to Europe as a troop transport, she decommissioned and was returned to her owner on 11 September 1919.

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