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Leyden I (Screw Steamer)

(ScStr: t. 35; a. 2 guns)

The first Leyden retained her merchant name; the second was named for the first.


Leyden, a screw steamer, was launched in 1865 by James Tetlow, Chelsea, Mass. From 1866-79 she operated as a yard tug at the Boston Navy Yard, performing various harbor duties out of Boston until reassigned to Portsmouth, N.H., in 1879. Leyden served there until 1897, when she was assigned to Newport, R.I.

In 1898, the tug performed towing operations off Cuba during the Spanish-American War. From 1898 to 1903 Leyden alternated her services between the Caribbean and Newport, R.I. While on a return passage from Puerto Rico 21 January 1903, the tug foundered in heavy fog off Block Island, ending her long useful career.

Published: Wed Jul 29 05:37:04 EDT 2015