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(Gon: l. 53'4"; b. 15'6"; dph. 3'10"; cpl. 45; a. 112-pdr., 2 6-pdrs.)

Abridgement of New Jersey, one of the 13 Original States.

Jersey, a gondola, was built at Skenesborough, N.Y., in the summer of 1776 for service with the Continental Army on Lake Champlain. Commanded by Captain Grimes, she joined Brigadier General Benedict Arnold's fleet 6 September and fought in the Battle of Valcour Island 11 through 13 October. During the battle she was abandoned at Schuyler's Island, recovered by the British, and taken into their fleet.

This fleet action delayed the British advance from Canada and gained for the United States invaluable time to strengthen their forces before the Battle of Saratoga a year later. The momentous American victory at Saratoga has been called the turning point of the war since it prompted France to enter the contest bringing her powerful fleet which made possible Washington's ultimate triumph at Yorktown.