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Jan Van Nassau
(Str: dp. 7,560; l. 361'6"; b. 44'3"; dr. 32'11"; s. 12k.; a. none)

A former name retained.

Jan Van Nassau, a depot collier, was built in 1913 by W. Hamilton Company, Ltd., of Point Glasgow, Scotland, and operated as a freighter under Dutch registry. Seized by Presidential Proclamation and taken over by the Navy 20 March 1918, she commissioned the same day, Lt. (j.g.) Joseph Anson in command.

She sailed from San Juan, P.R., 3 April bound for the Canal Zone and arrived Cristobal, C.Z., 8 April, where she discharged her cargo of coal. On the 10th she sailed for Iquiqu, Chile, arriving 13 April to load 4,500 tons of nitrate vitally needed for the manufacture of Allied explosives. She returned to Balboa, C.Z., 3 May and the next day steamed for New York, arriving the 13th.

Jan Van Nassau decommissioned and was turned over to USSB 17 May for return to her former owner.