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Hibiscus I (ScStr)

(ScStr: t. 490; s. 9 k.; a. 2 30-pdr., 4 24-pdr.)


Any of the herbs, shrubs, or trees of genus Hibiscus; many of which have large showy flowers.

Hibiscus was purchased at New York from S. M. Pook on 16 November 1864; and commissioned there on 29 December 1864, Lt. William L. Martine in command.

She sailed from New York on 29 January 1865 and reached Tampa, Fla., via Port Royal, S.C., and Key West on 17 February. Hibiscus patrolled out of Tampa until the end of July, putting in at Cedar Keys and St. Andrews Bay as well as Key West during this period. On 11 April 1865 off Crystal River Sea Bird, which served as tender to Hibiscus, captured small Confederate sloops Florida and Annie with cargos of loose and baled cotton. With the end of the war, Hibiscus sailed north and on 11 August stood into New York. She decommissioned there 19 August 1865 and was sold 5 October 1866.

Published: Thu Jul 16 08:03:28 EDT 2015