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Hawk I (IX-14)

(IX-14: dp. 545; l. 145'; b. 22'; dr. 11'; s. 14 k.; cpl. 47; a. 13-pdr., 21-pdr.)

A bird of prey related to the falcon family, noted for its swiftness and grace in flight.


The first Hawk (IX-14) was a converted yacht built as Hermione by Fleming & Ferguson, Paisley, Scotland, in 1891; purchased by the Navy 2 April 1898 and renamed Hawk; and commissioned 3 days later, Lt. J. Hood in command.

Hawk sailed from Key West in late April 1898 to join the North Atlantic Squadron in blockading Cuba during the Spanish-American War. On 23 May she accompanied Admiral Sampson's flagship New York out from Key West. Two weeks later she attacked and destroyed enemy ship Alphonso XII, which carried cargo for Cuba. In late summer she departed for Norfolk where she decommissioned 14 September 1898.

Recommissioned in 1900, she was loaned to the Ohio Naval Militia where she served for 9 years. On 3 August 1909 Hawk was transferred to the Naval Militia of New York, and served for 10 years in the Buffalo area. She decommissioned 21 May 1919 and joined the Reserve Fleet. She was designated IX-14 on 1 July 1921.

Hawk once again recommissioned 16 April 1922 and was assigned to the 9th Naval District. She operated in the Great Lakes area for the duration of her service. She decommissioned 14 February 1940 and was sold 25 February to the Indiana Salvage Co., Michigan City, Ind.

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