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Guard II (Str)

(Str: dp. 52; l. 67'7"; b. 12'6"; dr. 6'3"; s. 9 k.; cpl. 4; a. none)

One who protects or defends.


The second Guard was launched for the Coast Guard by the Mare Island Navy Yard 20 October 1913; sponsored by Miss Janet Crose; and commissioned by the Coast Guard 9 December 1913.

She served the Coast Guard on the West Coast, protecting shipping, preventing smuggling, and enforcing American neutrality laws. When the United States entered World War I, Guard was transferred to the Navy 6 April 1917 and served as a patrol boat along the West Coast. After the end of the War, Guard was returned to the Coast Guard 28 August 1919.

Published: Mon Jul 13 18:03:04 EDT 2015