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Grampus II (Side-wheel Steamer)

The grampus is a large cetacean (Grampus griseus) of the "blackfish family" commonly referred to as Risso's dolphin. Found in warm seas throughout the world, the dolphin has a blunt head, barrel-shaped body and ranges in color from grey to black. Risso's dolphins swim in groups of 3-50 animals and prefer offshore waters, where they hunt squid, octopi and fish.


(Side-wheel Steamer: 230 tons; length 180 feet, beam 27 feet; depth 5 feet)

Rear Admiral David D. Porter purchased Grampus, formerly Ion, for the U.S. Navy on 22 July 1863 at Cincinnati!, Ohio, for $9,750.00. She was utilized as a receiving ship in the Mississippi Squadron, and stationed at Cincinnati, Ohio. By 14 November 1863, Acting Master Elijah Sells in command, she was recognized as a "nice little receiving vessel in first-rate order," but contained no furnishings or weapons other than 10 cutlasses and revolvers.

With Acting Ensign C. W. Litherbury in command, Grampus operated as a receiving ship at Cincinnati, Ohio, assisting in the stripping of ships for conversion to gunboats and helping deliver them to fleet staging points for the Mississippi Squadron, principally Cairo and Mound City, Illinois. After the Civil War, Grampus shifted to Mound City and was eventually sold to D. D. Holliday & Bros on 1 September 1868.


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