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George M. Campbell (DE-773)

George Marvin Campbell, born 7 January 1907 in Madras, Oreg., enlisted in the Navy 27 June 1928. In 1942 he underwent flight training and was appointed Lieutenant (j.g.) 2 April 1942. Campbell joined Torpedo Squadron 8 on board famous carrier Hornet just in time to take part in the historic Battle of Midway. With his squadron Campbell took off 4 June to intercept the Japanese fleet, and without fighter cover attacked the enemy dispositions against murderous opposition. Knowing full well that they had insufficient fuel to return to the carrier, the torpedo planes pressed the attack gallantly until all were shot down. Lt. (j.g.) Campbell was presumed dead 5 June 1942 and was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions.

George M. Campbell (DE-773) a Cannon-class destroyer escort, was building at Tampa Shipbuilding Co., Tampa, Fla., but was cancelled 11 September 1944. The unfinished ship was later accepted 25 October 1944 and placed in service for towing. She was taken to Charleston Navy Yard and used for spare parts.

Published: Mon Jul 13 09:09:29 EDT 2015