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Fahkee (Storeship)


The Navy retained the name carried by this vessel at the time of her acquisition.

(Storeship: displacement 660; length 163'0"; beam 29'6"; draft 13'3"; speed 12.0 knots; complement 73; armament 2 24-pounder howitzers, 1 10-pounder rifle)

Fahkee was built in 1862 at Williamsburg, N.Y.; purchased by the Navy on 15 July 1863; and commissioned on 24 September 1863, Acting Master Francis R. Webb in command.

A coal and freight supply ship, Fahkee served the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron from the time of her commissioning through the close of the Civil War. She carried cargo from New York, N.Y., Norfolk, and Newport News, Va., to the fleet off the North Carolina coast, and also gave towing services and patrolled on blockade at frequent intervals. Fahkee first came under fire on 3 January 1864 in Lockwood's Folly Inlet near Beaufort, S.C., when she passed through musket and shell fire from shore to investigate Bendigo, a blockade runner grounded and afire. Fahkee shelled the vessel to further her destruction, which was completed the next day by other ships.

While blockading Wilmington, N.C., in the spring and summer of 1864, Fahkee was several times fired upon by Confederate shore batteries, and on 24 August, engaged a blockade runner. Returning to the same area after a voyage to New York and Hampton Roads, in December she twice fired on grounded blockade runners. In January 1865, she carried cargo from Norfolk to Beaufort, N,.C., and to the fleet operating against Fort Fisher.

In April 1865, at the close of the war, Fahkee was assigned to the South Atlantic Squadron, and from Port Royal, S.C., provisioned ships at Charleston and those cruising the coast of the Carolinas. She also cruised with the Squadron off Cuba before arriving at Philadelphia, Pa., on 19 June. There she was decommissioned on 28 June 1865, and sold on 10 August 1865.

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8 March 2023

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