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Dutton II (T-AGS-22)

Benjamin Dutton, Jr., born 3 April 1883 in Shippensburg, Pa., graduated from the Naval Academy in 1905. His long and distinguished career included command of Nokomis (PY-6) and Wyoming (BB-32); various staff and school assignments; and attache duty in Germany in 1935. Known for his expert work in navigation, he was the author of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. Captain Dutton died at Southgate, Calif., 30 November 1937 while in command of Portland (CA-33).




The second Dutton (T-AGS-22) was placed in service on 1 November 1958 and assigned to the Military Sea Transportation Service. Manned by a civilian crew, she continues to perform her duty as a hydrographic survey ship.


Published: Tue Jul 07 10:23:37 EDT 2015