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Connecticut II (Ship)

(Ship: t. 492; cpl. 180; a. 26 12 pdrs.)

A river in New England, and one of the 13 original States.


The second Connecticut was built by Seth Overton at Chatham, Conn. and launched 6 June 1799 at Middletown, Conn. She sailed 15 Oct. 1799 under the command of Captain M. Tryon for the Guadaloupe Station, and cruised in the West Indies for a year during the Quasi-War with France, protecting American commerce from French privateers. Connecticut's successful career was highlighted by the capture of four privateers and the recapture of seven American merchantmen. Arriving at New London, Conn., 18 Oct. 1800, Connecticut was sold at New York in 1801.

Published: Tue Jun 30 15:09:22 EDT 2015