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Cisco (SS-290)

(SS-290: dp. 1,526; l. 311'9"; b. 27'3"; dr. 15'3"; s. 20 k.; cpl. 66; a. 10 21" tt.; cl. Gato)

This name is given to any of various whitefishes of the Great Lakes.

Cisco (SS-290) was launched 24 December 1942 by Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H.; sponsored by Mrs. A. C. Bennett, through her proxy, Mrs. N. Robertson; commissioned 10 May 1943, Commander J. W. Coe in command; and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

Cisco sailed from Panama 7 August 1943 for Brisbane, Australia, arriving 1 September to assume local patrol duties, until 18 September, when she docked at Port Darwin. She put out on her first war patrol 20 September, but never returned. Japanese records tell of sighting a submarine leaking oil on 28 September in an area where Cisco is known to have been the only submarine then operating. Japanese records state this submarine was sunk by bombs and depth charges. Cisco is thus presumed to have been lost in action 28 September 1943.

Published: Thu Apr 21 03:54:58 EDT 2016