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(YP-425: d. 194; l. 138'11"; b. 18'; dr. 6'; s. 16 k.; a. 1 3", 2 20 mm., 2 dct.)


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The steel-hulled diesel-engined yacht Rose B. – built in 1930 at Bay City, Mich., by the Defoe Boat and Motor Works. – was acquired on 5 April 1942 by the Port Director at Miami, Fla., from Besor Properties, Inc., of New York City, N.Y., for conversion to a coastal yacht; was renamed Brave (PYc-34) on 11 April 1942; and was earmarked for duty in the Eastern Sea Frontier on 15 April 1942. The intent was to place Brave in full commission “after completion of conversion and upon receipt of sufficient personnel.”

Brave, however, was redesignated as a district patrol craft, YP-425, on 14 June 1942. Successive message traffic indicates that the patrol vessel was first to be placed in service within the 6th Naval District, or then the 5th, ultimately in each case to be assigned to Commander, Amphibious Forces, Atlantic. YP-425 proceeded to the Naval Operating Base at Norfolk, Va., where she was placed in service on 30 December 1942 to operate under Commandant, 5th Naval District. Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet assigned her to Service Squadron 1, Atlantic Fleet, on 29 September 1943.

Deemed “surplus to Navy needs” on 18 September 1945, YP-425 was placed out of service on 28 November 1945. Stricken from the Navy list on 8 May 1946, she was sold on 31 July 1946 and turned over to the Maritime Commission at Claremont, Va., on 1 August 1946.

Robert J. Cressman



(IX-78: dp. 126 (f.); l. 98'3"; b. 23'7"; (wl.); dr. 10'0" (mean))

Maitland Adams was acquired by the Navy from the Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Fla., on 10 August 1942; renamed Brave (IX-78) on 13 August 1942; repaired and partially converted at the Gibbs Gas Engine Co. yard at Jacksonville; placed in service at Jacksonville on 10 December 1942 for the voyage via Miami to Key West; and commissioned at Key West on 23 January 1943.

She then began duty at Key West as a school ship for the Fleet Sound School. She operated first under the auspices of the Commander, Gulf Sea Frontier, and, after 29 September 1943, under Service Squadron (ServRon) 1, Service Force, Atlantic Fleet. Her duty, however, remained training sonarmen at the Fleet Sound School.

On 27 November 1944, she received orders to report to the Commandant, 7th Naval District, for disposal which she did three days later. On 14 December 1944, Brave was decommissioned at the Naval Operating Base, Key West. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 22 December 1944. She remained in Navy custody until turned over to the Maritime Commission for disposal on 19 September 1946.

Raymond A. Mann
13 December 2005

Published: Fri Jun 26 10:35:52 EDT 2015