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Apalachicola (YTB-767)


A name given to numerous Indian settlements in the southeastern United States. The word was used frequently by the French and Spanish during the 18th century to refer to the Lower Creek Indians settled on the Chattahoochee River in what is now Alabama. It may mean "people on the other side."

(YTB-767: displacement 356 (full load), length 109'; bear 31'; draft 14'; speed 12 knots; complement 12; class Natick

Apalachicola (YTB-767) was laid down in May 1963 at Mobile, Ala., by Mobile Ship Repair, Inc.; launched on 26 October 1963; and completed in April 1964.

Placed in service early in 1965, the large harbor tug was assigned duty in the 13th Naval District. Since that time, Apalachicola has provided towing and other harbor services to ships in the Seattle area. As of the beginning of 1987, she was still in active service in the 13th Naval District.

Published: Tue Jul 05 21:04:19 EDT 2016