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Ameera (S.P. 453)


Image related to Ameera
Caption: Ameera (S. P. 453) during World War I. Note her covered "main battery" forward and designation painted on her bow. (NH 57600)

The Navy retained the name carried by this craft at the time of her acquisition.

(S.P. 453: displacement 13.4; length 71'3"; beam 10'8"; draft 3'6"; speed 25 knots; armament 1 1-pounder, 1 machine gun)

Ameera -- a motorboat built in 1917 at Camden, N.J., by the Mathis Yacht Building Co. -- was purchased by the Navy from Alexander Sellers, Ardrnore, Pa., on 23 July 1917. Given the identification number S.P. 453; Ameera was placed in commission on 11 August 1917, CBM C. E. Pearson in command.

Ameera was assigned to patrol duty in the Fourth Naval District. After the end of the World War in November 1918, the ship performed dispatch and port duties at Philadelphia, Pa., until she was placed in reduced commission at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in June 1919. On 24 July 1919, Ameera was allocated to be sold. 

Decommissioned in September 1919, Ameera was sold at auction on 27 April 1920 to Mr. T. E. Mitten.

Luann Parsons

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14 Septemnber 2022

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