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Alazon Bay

The northeastern arm of Baffin Bay which in turn is an estuary emptying into Laguna Madre, a sound paralleling the coast of Texas in the vicinity of Corpus Christi.


The projected aircraft escort vessel, AVG-55, was originally assigned the name Ameer, but, following her reclassification as an auxiliary aircraft carrier, ACV-55, on 20 August 1942, she was renamed Alazon Bay on 22 January 1943. The ship was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 1092) on 3 November 1942 at Vancouver, Wash., by the Kaiser Shipbuilding Co.; but on 3 April 1943, two days before her launching, she was again renamed, this time Casablanca (q.v.) to commemorate the recent Allied landings in North Africa.


On 28 June 1943, the name Alazon Bay was reassigned to the projected auxiliary aircraft carrier, ACV-94, (later to be reclassified CVE-94) but the warship was renamed Lunga Point (q.v.) on 6 November 1943, well in advance of her keel-laying which occurred on 19 January 1944.

Published: Thu Jun 11 16:03:18 EDT 2015