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L39-07.03.01 Pearl Harbor Shoots The Works

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Title: L39-07.03.01 Pearl Harbor Shoots The Works
Caption: "Minutes after the radio report the night of 13 August that the Japanese had agreed to the Allies' surrender terms, this scene of Pearl Harbor was photographed from Fleet Admiral C.W. Nimitz' rear headquarters. The blaze of light and the streamers just right of the center of the picture are around the Fleet landing. To the left is Ford Island. Solid white lines in the foreground are from automobile headlights on highways."
Description: A single photograph of the celebrations at Pearl Harbor after the Japanese surrender to Allied forces in August, 1945.
Accession #: L39-07
Catalog #: L39-07.03.01
Original Date: 1945-08-14
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  • World War II 1939-1945
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