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NHF-001 Admiral Albert Gleaves Collection

Admiral Albert Gleaves Collection This collection consists of 352 photos, snaphosts and prints that cover the career of Admiral Albert Gleaves, USN, and cover specifically the years 1908-1931. Donated by the Naval Historical Foundation. Some photos have been assigned NH numbers.
Caption: Collection photo# NHF-001-J.01: Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves (at center, facing right), Commandant of the Boston Navy Yard, oversees the transfer of guns from USS Constitution to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts, 1921.
Description: This collection consists of 352 photos, snaphosts and prints that cover the career of Admiral Albert Gleaves, USN, and cover specifically the years 1908-1931. Donated by the Naval Historical Foundation. Some photos have been assigned NH numbers.
Accession #: NHF
Catalog #: NHF-001
Donor: Naval Historical Foundation
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After this Year: 1907
Before this Year: 1932
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25 images dealing with Gleaves’s tour as Commanding Officer of USS ST. LOUIS (CA- 18), c. 1907-1909. Image subjects  include Samoan, Fijian, and Hawaiian islanders and buildings; shipboard scenes, including Gleaves’s valet; a Fijian orderly to the Governor of Fiji; the grave of LCdr. W. K. GISE, USN on Fiji.



13  images of the Galapagos Islands, including some images of islanders, buildings, USN personnel sightseeing, and a local sugar mill, etc. c.1907.



12 Views of the wreck of the SEEADLER (German Sailing-Raider), off Mopelia Island in the South Pacific; also views of the camp on Mopelia established by the survivors of the ship. C. 1918-1919.



Images taken while Gleaves was Commandant of the New York Navy Yard, 3rd Naval District (22), including images of the Commandant’s quarters and images from the Quarters showing part of the Navy Yard. Also including imagies of the Commandant’s barge SPRAY, c. 1913-1914. Also: Aissistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. ROOSEVELT at the keel-laying of USS ARIZONA (BB-39); shipboard view on USS NEW YORK (BB-34); Image of the Macmillan Expedition (Arctic Exploration) ship DIANA at N.Y. in 1913; images of President Wilson attending ceremonies honoring U.S. dead from the Vera Cruz, Mexico intervention, May 1914.



14 WW I images including the following ships: USS ROBINSON, (DD-88); USS LEA (DD-118); USS LEVIATHAN (SP-1326); USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38); USS SAN DIEGO; Sinking of British Merchantman CORRINGTON; also sinking of German U-boat U-58.  Ten imagaes of USS GEORGE WASHINGTON and USS AMERICA, including images of USS GEORGE WASHINGTON arriving from France with President Wilson aboard, have been romeved from NHF and replaced with printed images from the Naval Historical Center’s Online Library of Selected Images.



24 images dealing with USS SOUTH DAKOTA (CA-9) (later, Huron) which was Gleaves’s flagship while Commander-in-Chief, Asiatic Fleet (CINCAF): These images include: ship’s “NEPTUNE PARTY” at sea, c. 1919; in the Panama Canal; shipboard scenes; views of the Ship off Nuka Hiva, Samoa, in 1919; views at Pago Pago and Tutuila Samoa, c. 1919-1920.



63 images of Samoa (Nuka Hiva, Pago Pago, Tutuila, etc.). Image subjects include islanders, native homes, dances, ceremonies, leisure, etc. Also a band drawn up in honor of Admiral Gleaves’s arrival at Tutuila or Pago Pago.



71 images taken while Gleaves was CINCAF, including Sandarkan, Borneo; Tahiti; Philippine Islands (Cebu, Jolo, Zamboanga) showing native personnel, native life, dress, and fishing; sightseeing, US sailors, etc. Also including views of a RIZAL DAY parade, probably at Manila, in 1920, with USS SOUTH DAKOTA  (CA-9) personnel in parade.



51 images taken while Gleaves was CINCAF, including images of Peking (including images of the old Imperial [Forbidden] City, street scenes, the Summer Palace); the Inland Sea, Japan (including images of a fishing fleet, junks); Canton; Hong Kong; Repulse Bay Hotel. Also a picnic somewhere in North China, personnel (except Gleaves) unidentifiable, but including US, Japanese, French, and British personnel.



Images of the interior of Greaves’s house while Commandant of the Portsmouth Navy Yard, NH. (Photos and negatives included) Outdoor winter scenes at Portsmouth Navy Yard taken through Greaves’s office window. Images of a ceremony at Boston Navy Yard, 1921-1922.



13 images of the US Naval Home, Philadelphia, PA. Gleaves served as Governor of the home from 1928-1931. One image shows Gleaves and his wife in front of the house.



11 images of individual Chinese personnel: those identifiable include: LCDR. T.S. CHU, RCN (c. 1919); Mr. Likiao (c. May 1920); RADM. T. CHIANG, RCN (c. 1920); F.H. WONG SING SAN, RCN (c. 1920); VADM. K.K. LANG, RCN (c. Jan. 1920); CDR. S. T. WONG, RCN with MRS. S.T. WONG (c. 1920). Three unidentified Chinese Generals are included in this group.



17 prints and photos including:
Places: Newport, R.I.; Culebra, Porto Bello, Puerto Rico; Samoa; Venice, Italy
Prints: ; Map of the Western Hemisphere (in German),1903; French Fleet; MONITOR vs. MERRIMAC; Russian Men-of-War, 1793; CSS TENNESSEE
Also: Home of Robert Louis Stevenson (author of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, etc.), view taken 30th August 1919, on Samoa; USS DETROIT (CL-8), at Venice Italy, dressed-ship for King Victor Emmanuel’s birthday, 11 November 1923; USS TRENTON (CL-11) ship-board scene at Alexandria, Egypt, c. 1927; USS NORTH DAKOTA (BB-29) oil tank explosion scene, September 8, 1910.


12 images of USN/USA personnel. Those identified iclude: Master Alexander McCRACKIN, USN; Admiral J.A. GREER, USN; Commodore McKEAN, USN; Commodore George DEWEY, USN; Rear Admiral W.H. EMORY, USN; Rear Admiral W. N. PHELPS, USN; Commander Richard E. BYRD, USN; Captain Kenneth CASTLEMAN, USN; General Thomas H. BARRY, USN; Admiral PHELPS; Lieutenant W.P. DAY, USN; Lieutenant E.S. HOUSTON, USN; Lieutenant T.T. WOOD, USN; 3 unidentified.


Personnel, including D’GEVINS (c.1905); French Admiral GROAT; E.J. BENEDICT (1905)



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