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Lookouts--U.S. Submarine

Three lookouts with binoculars on the conning tower of a submarine
Description: Drawing, Charcoal on Paper; by Griffith Baily Coale; 1944; Framed Dimensions 31H X 24W
Accession #: 88-188-AR
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Rolling along the blue surface of take Indian Ocean, the empty sky and the sea is searched by these lookouts. For everyone, friend or foe, aloft or afloat, is our potential enemy. Besides these six pairs of magnified alert eyes, just aft is the Junior Officer and his lookout also watching. The man at the top of the periscope sheers spotted a distant sub on the surface. We had no record of one of our boats in this vicinity. KLAXON! In ten seconds every man is below, the hatch bangs shut, the deck tips forward and we have disappeared below the vast surface of the Indian Ocean. Later we rise to periscope height, the Captain makes a sweep. "Blow the tanks - equalize the pressure - crack the hatch -- Lookouts up!" In ten seconds the lookouts have frozen their glasses - searching, searching. I have been in many types of our ships, but not even in destroyers have I seen lookout search like this.

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