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"The Cut"

A landing single officer guiding a plane in
Description: Drawing, Charcoal and Goauche on Paper; by Lawrence Beall-Smith; 1943; Framed Dimensions 22H X 26W
Accession #: 88-159-JS as a Gift of Abbott Laboratories
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An incoming Douglas Dauntless dive bomber makes a satisfactory approach to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and the pilot gets the signal to cut his engine from the Landing Signal Officer.  The waving "paddles" of the Landing Signal Officer are the guides of incoming pilots, and their semaphored signals are final authority in all landings.  If the Landing Signal Officer is dissatisfied with the approach, he signals a "wave-off" and the pilot zooms up to go around again.

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  • Art
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  • World War II 1939-1945
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