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Rear Admiral William S. Sims to Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels


From      Admiral, Queenstown.1          

To        Admiralty   

Date      19th May 1917.

No. 283. Following from Rear Admiral Sims to British Naval Attache Washington2 for Secretary of Navy begins. Ninth Division3 arrived after uninterrupted passage. Least oil remaining 17,000 gallons. Important to expedite shipment spare propellers and other engineering and ordnance spare parts. Recommend shipment spars and propellers via destroyers.4 Sims. ends.

Source Note: CCy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517.

Footnote 1: VAdm. Lewis Bayly. R.N.

Footnote 2: Commo. Guy R. Gaunt, R.N.

Footnote 3: The Ninth Destroyer division was the second to be sent to Queenstown from the United States and consisted of Rowan, Cassin, Ericsson, Winslow, Jacob Jones, and Tucker. It arrived on 17 May. Taussig Diary, RNW, Joseph K. Taussig Papers, entry of 19 May 1917. On this same date, 19 May, Daniels cabled Sims to inform him that the third division of destroyers intended for Queenstown had departed on 17 May and should arrive at Ireland on 24 May. Ibid. For more on this division and their voyage to Ireland, see: Diary of Joseph K. Taussig, 19 May 1917. By 21 May, the division began sea patrols. See, Sims to Daniels, 21 May 1917, DNA, RG 45, entry 517.

Footnote 4: A short time later the supply ship Melville arrived at Queenstown with supplies and spare parts, presumably bringing the supplies Sims mentioned here. See: Sims to Daniels, 23 May 1917; and Sims to Daniels 24 May 1917.

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