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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations to Governor of the Virgin Islands Rear Admiral James H. Oliver


OP-25-D                                       OSD-78


7 May, 1917.



Sigcode: Owing to agreement between United States Government and Denmark prior to sale of Islands German refugee ships cannot be moved or utilized period Utilize discretion in securing safety of ships and crews. Acknowledge, 16007.


Class SD

Source Note: CCy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 517. The recipient is not given, however, Oliver was the governor, having been appointed to the position on 20 April 1917. The United States completed purchase of the islands on 31 March 1917, paying Denmark $25,000,000 in gold. The Navy was named to administer these strategically-located islands that the Germans were thought to covet. See, William G. McAdoo to President Woodrow Wilson, 28 March 1917, Wilson Papers, 41: 485; New York Times, 29 March 1917, p.12; Washington Post, 10 April 1917, p. 1.

Footnote 1: VIXEN, a former yacht acquired by the Navy during the Spanish-American War, was the station ship at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

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