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Korean War: Chronology of U.S. Pacific Fleet Operations, 25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953

Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms: Korean War Chronology

AD - Douglas "Skyraider": single-engine attack plane (USA)
AD - destroyer tender
AGC - amphibious command ship
AKA - attack cargo ship
AM - minesweeper
AMS - minesweeper, small
ANGLICO - Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
APA - attack transport
APD - high speed transport
ATAR - Anti-tank aircraft rockets

B-26 - Douglas "Invader": twin-engine light bomber (USA)
B-29 - Boeing "Superfortress": four-engine bomber (USA)
BB - battleship
BIRD DOG - search and rescue

C-47/R4D - Douglas "Skytrain": twin-engine transport plane
CA - cruiser
CAP - Combat air patrol
CDR - Commander
CINCFE - Commander-in-Chief, Far East
CINCPACFLT - Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet
CINCUNC - Commander-in-Chief, 
CL - light cruiser
CLAA - light antiaircraft cruiser
COMCARDIV - Commander, Carrier Division
COMFAIRJAP - Commander, Fleet Air Wing Japan
COMSEVENTHFLT - Commander, Seventh Fleet
COMNAVFE - Commander, Naval Forces Far East
COMNAVMARIANAS - Commander, Naval Forces Marianas
COMPHIBPAC - Commander, Amphibious Forces Pacific
COMUNBLOCKANDCORTFOR - Commander, United Nations Blockading and Escort Force
CONLUS - Continental United States
CTF - Commander Task Force
CVA - attack aircraft carrier
CVE - escort aircraft carrier

DESDIV - Destroyer Division
DD - destroyer
DDE - destroyer escort
DDER - radar picket destroyer escort
DMS - destroyer minesweeper

F2H - McDonnell "Banshee": single-engine jet fighter (USA)
F3D - Douglas "Skyknight": single-engine jet fighter (USA)
F4U - Vought "Corsair": single-engine fighter (USA)
F-51 - North American "Mustang": single-engine fighter (USA)
F9F - Grumman "Panther": single-engine jet fighter (USA)
F-80 - Lockheed "Shooting Star": single-engine jet fighter (USA)
F-86 - North American "Sabre": single-engine jet fighter (USA)
FAFIK - Fifth Air Force in Korea 
FEAF - Far Eastern Air Forces
FES - Far Eastern Squadron

GEN - General

HMAS - His (Her) Majesty's Australian Ship
HMCS - His (Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMNZS - His (Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship
HMR - Marine helicopter squadron
HMS - His (Her) Majesty's Ship (Britain)
HMTS - His Majesty's Thailand Ship
HNMS - Her Netherlands Majesty's Ship

JML - small minesweeper, ex-Japanese
JOG - Joint Operations Center

KMAG - Korean Military Advisory Group (US Army)
KMC - Korean Marine Corps

LSR - landing ship, rocket
LSMR - landing ship, medium, rocket

MARDIV - Marine Division
MAW - Marine Air Wing
MIG-15 - Mikoyan "Fagot": single-engine jet fighter (Soviet)
MIG-21 - Mikoyan "Fishbed": single-engine jet fighter (Soviet)
MSTS - Military Sea Transportation Service

NOTS - Naval Ordnance Test Station

ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence

PB4Y - Consolidated "Privateer": four-engine patrol plane (USA)
PBM - Martin "Mariner": twin-engine flying boat (USA)
PC - subchaser
PF - patrol frigate
PO-2 - Polikarpov: light night bomber biplane (Soviet)

RB-26 - Douglas "Invader": twin-engine reconaissance plane (USA)
RCT - Regimental Combat Team
RESCAP - Rescue Combat Air Patrol
ROK - Republic of Korea
ROKN - Republic of Korea Navy
ROPE - code name for aircraft decoy system

SCAB - Ship control of aircraft bombing
SFCP - Spotting Fire Command Post

TARCAP - Tactical Air Reconaissance Combat Air Patrol
TCVE - Military Sea Transportation Service aircraft ferry

UDT - Underwater Demolition Team
UN - United Nations
USA - United States of America

VA - Navy attack squadron
VADM - Vice Admiral
VF- Navy fighter squadron
VMF - Marine fighter squadron
VMF(N) - Marine night fighter squadron
VT - shell equipped with proximity fuse

WESPAC - Western Pacific

Yak-9 - Yakovlev "Frank": single-engine fighter (Soviet)
Yak-18 - Yakovlev: single-engine trainer (Soviet)




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