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Conflict in Southeast Asia

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Volume 1 provides an overview of U.S. Navy developments in Southeast Asia during 1945-1959.

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Admiral Sharp served as Commander in Chief, Pacific, 1964-1968.

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This twelve-volume Committee Print of the House Committee on Armed Services contains the first forty-three volumes of the original forty-seven-volume study, popularly known as the "Pentagon Papers."

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The report consists of three major volumes and eighteen monographs.

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Section I is report of Admiral U. S. G. Sharp, USN, Commander in Chief, Pacific; Section II is report of General W. C. Westmoreland, USA, Commander U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

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A collection of individual articles originally appearing in the Naval Review.

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Yoder, Kenneth E. "A Return to River Warfare-Guerrilla Style." Infantry 56 (March-April 1966): 29-31. 

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