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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Captain Charles S. Cotton


WASHINGTON, MAY 25, 1898.        

Harvard, St. Nicolas Mole, Hayti,

                        Proceed at once and inform Schley1 and also the senior officer present off Santiago as follows All Department’s information indicates Spanish division is still at Santiago. The Department looks to you to ascertain facts and that the enemy, if therein, does not leave without a decisive action. Cubans familiar with Santiago, say that there are landing places five or six nautical miles west from the mouth of harbor, and that there insurgents probably will be found and not the Spanish. From the surrounding heights can see every vessel in port. As soon as ascertained, notify the Department whether enemy is there. Could not squadron and also the Harvard coal from Merrimac leeward of Cape Crus, Gonaives Channel of Mole Hayti? The Department will send coal immediately to Mole. Report without delay situation at Santiago de Cuba.


Source Note: CbCy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 28.

Footnote 1: Commo. Winfield S. Schley, Commander, Flying Squadron.

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