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Wego (S. P. 1196)

(MB: l. 34'5"; b. 9'0"; dr. 2'9" (aft); s. 10.0 k.; cpl. 4; a.

Wego (sometimes spelled We-go), a wooden-hulled motorboat built by the Camden Anchor Rockland Machine Co., was acquired by the Navy under free-lease from Mrs. R. B. Fuller of New York City; assigned the classification S. P. 1196; and was listed as "delivered and commissioned" as of 9 August 1917.

Apparently assigned to local patrol duties in the 1st Naval District, Wego presumably operated in such activities into the autumn of 1918. However, little is known for certain about the boat's actual routine because no deck logs are extant. While no records of her decommissioning or of her strike dates have been found, the Ship's Data, U.S. Naval Vessels 1918 edition contains the notation that the craft was "returned to owner" as of 1 October 1918.

Published:Wed Feb 17 14:29:25 EST 2016