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Longspur I (AMc-10)

(AMc‑10: dp. 200; 1. 81'2"; b. 21'; dr. 4'6"; s. 10 k.; a. 2.30 cal. mg.)

A bird related to the sparrow and finch. They breed in the Arctic and winter over a large part of the United States.


The first Longspur (AMc‑10) was built by Martinac Shipbuilding Co., Tacoma, Wash., as New Ambassador in 1935; acquired by the Navy 30 October 1940; converted by South Coast Co., Newport Beach, Calif.; and placed in service 11 April 1941.

Arriving in the Canal Zone 22 May, Longspur operated in the 15th Naval District for the next 3 years. She performed coastal minesweeping, patrolled the entrance to the Panama Canal, and escorted ships approaching the canal. Returning to San Diego 5 July 1944 Longspur was placed out of service 12 August and delivered to WSA 12 July 1945 for return to her owner.


The name Longspur was assigned to AM‑404, but the contract was canceled 12 August 1945, prior to start of construction.

Published: Wed Jul 29 08:33:55 EDT 2015