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Huron II (ScStr)

(ScStr.: dp. 1,020; l. 175'; b. 32'; dph. 15'; a. 1 11-inch D.r., 2 9-in. D.r., 1 60-pdr. P.r., 1 12-pdr. how., 1 G.g.; cl. Alert)

Center lake in the Great Lakes and a city in east central South Dakota. Huron IV and V were named after the city.


The second Huron, an iron sloop-rigged steamer, was built by John Roach, Chester, Pa., 1873-75, and commissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard 15 November 1875, Comdr. George P. Ryan in command.

Huron arrived 11 December 1875 for duty at Norfolk, and spent the next 2 years cruising in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. She stopped at Vera Cruz and Key West on her first cruise, returning to Port Royal 4 August 1876, and visited many Caribbean and Venezuelan ports March-June 1877. After repairs at New York Navy Yard in August, the ship sailed to Hampton Roads, and departed 23 November 1877 for a scientific cruise on the coast of Cuba. Huron encountered heavy weather soon after departure, however, and was wrecked shortly after 1 a.m. next morning near Nag's Head, N.C. For a time her crew worked in relatively little danger, attempting to free their ship, but she soon heeled over, carrying 98 officers and men to their deaths.


Screw gunboat Alliance (q.v.) was launched as Huron 3 March 1875 but was renamed before commissioning

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