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(ScStr: t. 197; l. 121'; b. 23'6"; dph. 7'6"; dr. 5'4"; cpl. 50; a. 2 32-pdr., 2 24-pdr.)

Sachem was built in 1844 at New York, N.Y., and was sold to the U.S. Navy in 1861 for use as a gunboat. On 8 September 1863 she participated with other Federal gunboats besieging Fort Mannahasset at Sabine Pass, Tex. A shot from the fort blew up her boilers, and she was run down and captured by the Confederate steam gunboat Uncle Ben. At the time of her capture Sachemwas armed with four 32-pounders and one 30 pounder Parrott rifle, which were immediately removed by the Confederates.

Sachem became part of the Texas Marine Department [See Annex III] and served the Confederate army at Sabine Pass. In the spring of 1864 she was fitted out to run the blockade and placed under the command of a noted blockade runner John Davisson.