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The Spanish-American War in Glass

This collection of glass slides was donated to the Naval Historical Foundation in 1948, from the Estate of Lieutenant C.J. Dutreaux, whose image appears in one of the slides. It consists of approximately 325 slides in total covering the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War. Nearly all of the slides have an included caption. Most are black and white, but some have been hand tinted in color.

Based on the inscription on top of one of the two wooden boxes containing the slides, they appear to have originally belonged to Douglas White, a war correspondent at one time employed by the San Francisco Examiner. Given the presence of the War of 1812 slides (100th anniversary), as well as images of the battleship Maine being excavated (1911-1912), we believe the slides were created around 1912.

Some of the images in this set can be found in other collections, publications, and in the public domain, but many others may be unique and unseen for some time.

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