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NH 72415 Civil War era political cartoon

Civil War era political cartoon
Title: Civil War era political cartoon
Caption: Late Civil War era political cartoon lampooning various public people for their attacks on Welles and Fox of the Navy figure on the donkey represents John Parker Hale, Chairman of the Committee on Naval Affairs. Hale was a great humanitarian (He was anti-slavery and abolished flogging in the Navy) but was noted for his dubious dealings for government contracts favoring New Hampshire, some of which involved fraud. The standing figure in the background represents Edward Nicoll Dickerson, a patent lawyer and engineer noted for his disagreement with Welles and some of his less that successful business and engineering developments (which are listed in his speech in this cartoon). The lancer represents Senators Henry Winter Davis, and B. Wade noted for their opposition to Lincoln's policies, enmity for Welles, and their hard manifesto on Southern reconstruction. The upright cannon lists Naval success achieved under the leadership of Welles and Fox.
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