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L38-16.08.04 President Clinton and the First Lady on the USS Indepdendence (CV 62)

<p>L38-16.08.04 President Clinton &amp; the First Lady on the USS Independence (CV 62)</p><div style="left: -10000px; top: 0px; width: 9000px; height: 16px; overflow: hidden; position: absolute;"><div>&nbsp;</div></div>
Title: L38-16.08.04 President Clinton & the First Lady on the USS Independence (CV 62)
Caption: “(Fromthe Left) VADM Archie Clemins Commander Seventh FLEET, President Bill Clinton,First Lady Hillary Rodam [sic] Clinton and RADM Byron E. Tobin, Jr., CommanderNaval Forces Japan, render Honors during opening ceremonies, marking theofficial visit by President Clinton, on board the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrierUSS Independence (CV 62), April 17, 1996. The President took time out of hisstate visit to Japan, to meet with Sailors on board the carrier. ‘Your lastdeployment off Taiwan helped to calm a rising storm,’ Clinton said. ‘Withoutfiring a single shot you reassured nations all around the Pacific. With thequiet power of your example you gave the world another example of America’spower and America’s character, and I thank you for that,’.  
Accession #: L38
Catalog #: L38-16.08.04
Original Creator: Photographer’s Mate 1st Class David S. Tucker
Original Date: 1996-04-17
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