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KN-10831 Operation "Sailor Hat", 1965

Photo #: KN-10831  Operation "Sailor Hat", 1965
Title: Operation "Sailor Hat", 1965
Description: Photo #: KN-10831 Operation Sailor Hat, 1965 The 500-ton TNT explosive charge for Shot Bravo, first of a series of three test explosions, is ready for detonation on the southwestern tip of Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii, circa early February 1965. It is 17 feet high and 34 feet in diameter. Weapons effects test ship Atlanta (IX-304) is moored in the background. Note that her bow is facing right and that a large SPS-37/SPS-43A type radar antenna is mounted on a pedestal amidships. Official U.S. Navy Photograph.
Catalog #: KN-10831
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