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UA 478.08 Col. Thomas A. Ratliff Collection

UA 478.08 Col. Thomas A. Ratcliff Collection
Title: UA 478.08 Col. Thomas A. Ratcliff Collection
Caption: Collection Photo # UA 478.08.01 Sailor guarding an unidentified Destroyer Escort during WWII
Description: Collection of photographs of various ships from the Naval Intelligence during the Second World War. Photographs show: USS Maryland (BB46); USS Independence (CV22); USS Belleau Wood (CV24); USS Enterprise (CV6); USS Ranger (CV4); USS Saratoga (CV3); USS Long Island (ACV1); USS Charger (ACV30); USS ACV11; USS Altamaha (ACV18); USS Nassau (ACV16); USS Santee (ACV29); USS Prince William (ACV31); USS Colorado (BB45); USS Arkansas (BB33); USS Wyoming AG17 ((ex BB32)); USS Dobbin (AD3); USS New Mexico (BB40); USS Nevada (BB36); USS Indiana (BB58); USS Idaho (BB42); USS Maryland (BB46); USS Pennsylvania (BB38); USS South Dakota (BB57); USS Tennessee (BB43); USS Santa Fe (CL60); USS Texas (BB35); USS Sampson (DD394)\; USS Ammen (DD527); USS Wilson (DD 408); USS Ralph Talbot (DD390); USS Iowa (BB61); USS Alabama (BB60); USS Baltimore (CA68); USS North Carolina (BB55); USS Chester (CA27); USS Bonita (SS165); USS J. Fred Talbot (DD-156); USS Craven (DD382); USS Cowie (DD632); USS Dewey (DD349); USS Buck (DD420); USS Aylwin (DD355); USS Dunlap (DD384); USS Warrington (DD383); USS Ordronaux (DD617); USS Kendrick (DD612); USS McCall (DD400); USS Drayton (DD366); USS Rhind (DD404); USS Phelps (DD360); USS Stockton (DD646); USS Shaw (DD373); USS Allen (DD66); USS Wyffels (DE6); USS Gillespie (DD609); USS Doherty (DE14); USS Barker (DD213); USS Bullard (DD660); USS Roe (DD418); USS Raleigh (CL7); USS Essex (CV9); USS Augusta (CA31); USS Earle (DD365); USS Wichita (CA45); USS Birmingham (CL62); USS Concord (CL10); USS San Francisco (CA38); USS Detroit (CL8); USS Indianapolis (CA35); USS Portland (CA33); USS Tuscaloosa (CA37); USS San Juan (CL54); USS Boise (CL47); USS Santa Fe (CL60); USS St. Louis (CL49); USS Philadelphia (CL41); Motor Torpedo Boat YP556, YP557, YP 552, YMS-5u (1942-43); USS Tinosa (SS283); R-1 (SS78); USS Mackerel (SS204); S43 (SS154); USS Fulton (AS11); USS Matagorda (AVP-22); Terror CM
Accession #: UA 478
Catalog #: UA 478.08
Tags: NHHC_Tags:conflicts-and-wars/world-war-ii-wwiidestroyer_escortship_type/cruisership_type/aircraft_carrier
Donor: Col. Thomas A. Ratcliff
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