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UA 493.09 Clifford J. Poland Collection

UA 493.09 Clifford Poland, Jr. Collection
Title: UA 493.09 Clifford Poland, Jr. Collection
Caption: Collection Photo # UA 493.09.01 Sailors visiting Ceylon (Sri Lanka) during the voyage of the Great White Fleet in 1908.
Description: Collection of photos from the Great White Fleet voyage in 1908. Visits to the following locations are shown: Honolulu, Hawaii; Mexico; Peru; Philippines; Straits of Magellan off the coast of Argentina; Port Said, Egypt; Messina, Pompeii, Naples, Italy; Valparaiso, Chile; Santiago, Philippines; Melbourne, Albany, Blackheath, and Sydney, Australia; San Francisco, California; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Lima & Calboa, Peru; Gibraltar; Suez Canal; Magdalena Bay, Mexico; Villefranche, France
Accession #: UA 493
Catalog #: UA 493.09
Tags: NHHC_Tags:special-interest/topic/great-white-fleet, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/hawaii, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/mexico, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/peru, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/philippines, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/argentina, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/port_said_egypt, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/egypt, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/italy, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/san_francisco, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/australia, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/japan, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/cuba0, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/guanabara_bay, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/honolulu, NHHC_Tags:special-interest/topic/athletics, NHHC_Tags:phototags/animals/mascots, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/france, american_samoa, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/sri_lanka, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/gibraltar, NHHC_Tags:epublishing_tags/suez_canal
Donor: Clifford Poland, Jr.
Copyright Owner: NHHC
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