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NHF-031 Admiral Hilary P. Jones Collection

Admiral Hilary P. Jones Collection
Title: Admiral Hilary P. Jones Collection
Caption: Collection photo# NHF-031-I.01: Admiral Hilary P. Jones on the deck of the battleship USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) circa 1923.
Description: Approximately 170 images from the personal collection of Admiral Hilary P. Jones, covering the years 1889 to 1939. Topics covered include both Navy and personal travel. Many ships and personnel are seen, full contents listed below. Some photos have been removed to the NH collection and many have been assigned NH numbers.
Accession #: NHF
Catalog #: NHF-031
Donor: Naval Historical Foundation
After this Year: 1888
Before this Year: 1940
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5 images of the aftermath of Samoan Hurricane (or Apia cyclone) of 1889. Includes images of the following ships: USS TRENTON, USS VANDALIA, AND USS NIPSIC; SMS EBER, SMS ADLER, and SMS OLGA (German) in APIA, SAMOA. Also an image of the U.S. Consulate at Apia (note that this image has been removed and replaced by a printout of its NHC Online Library page, NH 97924).


Originally consisted of 10 negatives of miscellaneous Hawaiian scenes, houses, etc, but the negatives were nitrate and have been thrown out. 6 prints remain in the collection.


12 images of Incan ruins in PACHACAMAC, Panama, including one image of human skeletons.


15 images of “Neptune Party” (Crossing the equator) in 1923, USS SEATTLE (CA-11), with Admiral Jones on board.


18 miscellaneous images of sightseeing on the U.S. West Coast, c. 1923. 5 scenic views of the COLUMBIA RIVER, Oregon. 3 images of Market Street, Chinatown, and Ferry Building SAN FRANCISCO. 9 images from a HOLLYWOOD studio tour, including one image of Admiral Jones’s staff officers with Tom MIX at Fox Studios, and 2 images of the filming of a caveman scene.  Officers pictured with Mix include: Captain J.C. PRYOR (M.C.); Commander M.W. SMYTH; Commander R.B. HILLIARD (C.C.); Lieutenant T.A.M. CRAVEN; Captain J.K. TAUSSIG; Captain J.T. HARRIS (?); Commander Benjamin DUTTON; Commander R.C. DAVIS; Lieutenant D.C. RAMSEY.


36 miscellaneous images, including views of Jones on flagship (U.S. Fleet) SEATTLE; Parades at FORT SHAFTER, T.H.; USS CONNECTICUT (BB-18) at HONOLULU, T.H.; USS SEATTLE at SAN DIEGO, CA; USS COLUMBIA (AG-9); dinner programs and calling cards; images of SEATTLE with Admiral Jones aboard, at PEARL HARBOR, T.H.; images of children swimming and diving; 1 image of three young boys dressed in sailors’ uniforms, Panama. All images c. 1922-1923. Other personnel include: Major General Charles P. SUMMERALL; Rear Admiral George W. WILLIAMS; Rear Admiral E. SIMPSON; Colonel W.F. HASE; Brigadier General J.D. BARRETTE; Captain George L.T. STONE; Captain Paul E. PEABODY; Lieutenant D.C. RAMSEY; Lieutenant R. CRICHELOW; Captain A.W. MARSHALL; Lieutenant Commander Patrick BELLINGER.


42 miscellaneous images, including sightseeing sailors; swimming sailors; mascots; Battleships towing targets at Battle Practice; Captain TAYLOR EVANS, USN. Locations include: NUREMBURG, GERMANY (Churches, homes, medieval sites); HAMPTON ROADS, NEWPORT NEWS, & TANGIER SOUND, VA; WAIKIKI BEACH, Honolulu, T.H. c. 1918-1923.


Album/book about Hawaii titled Hawaii, U.S.A: A Souvenir of “The Crossroads of the Pacific”, inscribed and presented by Governor FARRINGTON of Hawaii, to Admiral Jones, c. 1922-1923.


14 portrait photos of JONES, his wife, friends and possible relations.
3 bust views (photographers include HARRIS & EWING, Washington, DC.) c. 1920-1921;
1 of painting by Bjorn EGELI (20th Century);
2 full length while Commander, Battleships, Atlantic Fleet on board USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38), c. 1922-1923. One shows background deck decorated for reception & dance, Panama. (Photographers include Edwin LEVICK, NY.)
4 images of Mrs. H.P. JONES (Photographers include Elias GOLDENSKY, Philadelphia, PA; THORS, San Francisco, CA; H. Walter BARNETT, London.)
1 image of Rear Admiral E.H.C. LEUTZ, USN, c. 1907 (Photographer: G.V. BUCK, Washington, DC)
1 image of Rear Admiral Frank B. UPHAM, June, 1933
1 image of Rear Admiral Frank E. BEATTY (Photographer: David B. EDMONSTON, Washington, DC)


10 portraits of crew & officers on various ships on which Jones served
2 images from USS CHARLESTON (C-22), 1917, while serving on convoy escort & “Raider Guard”; Personnel include: Lieutenant G.E. BRANDT; Lieutenant C.W. CROSSE; Lieutenant Commander R. HENDERSON; Commander E.H. CAMPBELL; Captain H.P. Jones; Lieutenant S.F. HEIM; Assistant Surgeon W.A. BRAMS. 1 image USS COLUMBIA (AG-9), c. 1922 view of CINCUS Staff in the wardroom of ship. Admiral Jones in command. Personnel include: Commander B. Dutton, Jr.; Commander E.G. OBERLIN; Lieutenant Commander W.S. FARBER; Lieutenant Commander J. JAMES; Lieutenant T.A.M. Craven; Captain B.R. PATRICK (ChC); Lieutenant A.R. MACK; Lieutenant R.L. PORTER; Captain C.E. RIGGS (MC); Captain G. BROWN (SC); Commander R.B. Hilliard (CC); Lieutenant Colonel J.W. WADLEIGH (USMC).
1 image USS MARYLAND (BB-46), c. 1923, staff of CINCUS, Admiral P. Jones. Personnel include: Rear Admiral G.W. Williams; Admiral H.P. Jones; Captain C.E. Riggs (MC); Captain G. Brown (SC); Commander R.C. DAVIES; Lieutenant T.A.M. Craven; Commander H.F. LEARY; Commander B. Dutton, Jr.; Lieutenant Colonel J.W. Wadleigh, USMC; Commander W.W. SMITH; Commander R.B. Hilliard (CC); Lieutenant D.C. Ramsey. 2 images of the USS SCORPION (PY-3), c. 1900 and small picture of unidentified crew, c. 1904.
1 image USS MAYFLOWER (PY-1), c. 1902. Officer personnel include: Lieutenant H.P. Jones; Lieutenant Commander A. GLEAVES (CO); Lieutenant E.P. STONE (MC); Lieutenant C.T. JEWELL; Lieutenant C.L. POOR; Lieutenant Junior Grade WOODS; Ensign A. BUCHANAN; Paymaster J.H. MERRIAM
US Schoolship SARATOGA, c. 1901. Personnel pictured include: Lieutenant H.P. Jones; Commander W.J. BARNETTE; Lieutenant S.V. GRAHAM. 1 photo of USS CHICAGO (C), c. 1900. Persons pictured include: Lieutenant Commander R.G. DENIG; Lieutenant W.H. BUCK; Lieutenant H.P. Jones [on ladder]; Captain G. BARNETT, USMC; Lieutenant E. LLOYD, Jr.; (2 unidentified women). USS SEATTLE photo of mess stewards with instruments and mascot, c. 1923. 2 photos of reproductions: USS MOHICAN (ScSlp) ca. 1880s note: cannon-hope-hauled, muzzle loaded Civil War “soda bottle.” Photo in Roscoe & Freeman’s Picture History of the U.S. Navy, 1956. 1 photo of 5 unidentified officers.


9 photos of the launching ceremonies of USS HILARY P. JONES (DD-427) on Dec. 14, 1939 at the CHARLESTON, S.C. Navy Yard. Sponsored by Mrs. H.P. Jones. Personnel include: Rear Admiral W.H. ALLEN, USN (Commander of the Navy Yard).


4 miscellaneous photos and 1 letter (identified).
1 image of US Legation to PETROPOLIS, BRAZIL, May, 1900. Taken during a visit by officers of the US South Atlantic Station Squadron to the US Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary Colonel Charles Page BRYAN. Ships represented include: USS Chicago (1889-1935); USS MONTGOMERY (C-9); USS WILMINGTON (PG-8).
Persons depicted include: Lieutenant W.P. WHITE; Ensign A. BRONSON, Jr.; Medical Director H. WELLS; Lieutenant Commander R.G. Denig; Lieutenant J.R. BRADY; Mrs. SEEGER; Ensign L.C. PALMER; Commander J.P. MERRELL (commanding USS Montgomery); Ensign J.F. MARSHALL, Jr.; Chaplain C.H. DICKENS (DICKINS); Lieutenant E. Lloyd, Jr.; Rear Admiral W.S. SCHLEY; Naval Cadet I.M. MAJOR; Private Sec’y JONES; CON. GEM. SEEGER; Paymaster A.F. HUNTINGTON; Lieutenant B.W. WELLS, Jr., Minister C.P. BRYAN; Lieutenant Commander J.H. SEARS; Paymaster R.T.M. BALL; Naval Cadet J.R. COOMBS (Combs); Captain G. Barnett, USMC; Lieutenant H.P. Jones; Surgeon A.M.D. MCCARMICK; Lieutenant W.H. Buck; Ensign A.E. KALBACH; Legation Parrot.
1 image of Officers of USS HIST (1898-1911) inspecting blockhouse on SAN JUAN HILL, CUBA.
1 image of Inspection on SOUTHFIELD NAVAL TRAINING STATION, NEWPORT, RI, c. 1916-1917. Identified personnel include: Captain H.P. Jones; Commander Rufus Z. JOHNSTON (C.O., Newport). 1 image of US Fleet at GUANTANAMO, CUBA, c. 1922. Identified ships include: USS Columbia.


6 miscellaneous unidentified photos of buildings and ceremonies, possibly Hawaii. Green Valley Tea Room.


3 oversize photos.
1 image of USS DELAWARE (BB-28); USS NORTH DAKOTA (BB-29); USS PROMETHEUS (AR-3) & USS Columbia. NH 83740. 1 image of Mrs. James C. Frazer with servants and dogs, 1930-sent as New Year greeting to Admiral and Mrs. H.P. Jones [Photographer: Canter-Bailey, Washington, DC]

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