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UA 552.01 Admiral Charles D. Griffin Collection

UA 552.01 Admiral Charles D. Griffin Collection
Title: UA 552.01 Admiral Charles D. Griffin Collection
Caption: Collection Photo # UA 552.01.01 Admiral Griffin at work.
Description: Hundreds of photographs from the later career of Admiral Charles D. Griffin when he was serving as Commander In Chief - Allied Forces Southern Europe and Commander In Chief - US Naval Forces Europe. The photographs show many ceremonies and visits to various US Navy vessels.
Accession #: UA 552
Catalog #: UA 552.01
Donor: Unknown
Copyright Owner: NHHC
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Admiral Charles D. Griffin (1/12/1906-6/26/1996) served in many capacities during his 41 years of Naval Service. He was involved in major incidents in the Second World War, Korean War, the Cold War. Griffin also participated in the famous "Revolt of the Admirals" in the late 1940s. In the early 1960s, he served as Commander, Seventh Fleet and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations. Later in his career, Griffin served as the Commander In Chief of Allied Forces - Southern Europe and Commander in Chief - US Naval Forces Europe. Griffin retired in 1968 at a ceremony in Naples, Italy.


UA 552-01

Scrapbook 1: Parties & Ceremonies in Vietnam, 1960

Scrapbook 2: USS Saint Paul (CA-73); USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950); President Yun of Republic of Korea; President Diem of South Vietnam


UA 552-02

Scrapbook 1: Kinmen Island, Taiwan; War Memorial for All Navy Dead

Scrapbook 2: USS Canberra (CA-70); Korean PM Chung Huh

Scrapbook 3: Dinners & Ceremonies


UA 552-03

Scrapbook 1: USS Paul Revere (APA-248); USS Coral Sea (CVA-43); A-4 Skyhawk

Scrapbook 2: USS Swordfish (SSN 579); USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31); USS Helena (CA-75); Chiang Kai-Shek

Scrapbook3: Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia, USS Swordfish (SSN 579), USS Rogers (DDR 876), USS Saint Paul (CA-73), USS James E. Kyes (DD 787), USS Hancock (CVA 19)

Scrapbook 4: Photographs of ceremonies and newspaper clippings of Exercise Pony Express visits to various nations.


UA 552-04

Scrapbook 1: Baseball; USS Midway (); Maritime Self-Defense Force Service School Training Center, Eta Jima; USS Kawishiwi (AO-146); USS Manatee (AO 58);


UA 552-05

Folder 4: USS Essex (CV-9); USS Forrestal (CVA-59)

Folder 5: USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42); President Harry Truman’s visit to the FDR; USS Saratoga (CV-60); PD1 Seaplane; VP-10 Seaplane & first non-stop flight of VP-10s from San Francisco, California to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; USS Oriskany (CV-34)


UA 552-06

Folder 1: Saudi Arabia visit; Zsa Zsa Gabor’s visit to a Navy ship

Folder 2: Portraits of Admiral Griffin

Folder 3: USS Topeka (CL-67); USS Oriskany (CV-34); USS Antietam (CVS-36); Admiral Radford

Folder 4: Battle of Kwajalein

Folder 5: USS Enterprise (CV-65)

Folder 6: USS Midway (CVA-41)

Folder 7: USS Oriskany (CV-34) docking in Hawaii – with photos of festivities; USS Essex (CV-9) with photos of Griffin as a Commander

Folder 8: President Truman’s visit to a ship


UA 552-07

Scrapbook 1: Chiang Kai-Shek; Ceremonies; Visits to various ships

Scrapbook 2: Printed photo of Griffin’s visit to Verona and the Headquarters Allied Land Forces Southern Europe (in Italian)

Scrapbook 3: Griffin’s visit to Turin in 1966

Scrapbook 4: Griffin’s visit to Japan – Photos include ceremonies and dinners

Scrapbook 5: Weapons Demonstration 1961 for Commander In Chief: Pacific


UA 552-08

Scrapbook 1: Postcards from Hong Kong

Scrapbook 2: Photographs from Griffin’s trip to the Philippines in October, 1961

Scrapbook 3: 7th Fleet visit to Shimoda, Japan in May, 1960


UA 552-09

Scrapbook 1: Memoral for Townsend Harris; President Eisenhower visiting the 7th Fleet in June 1960

Scrapbook 2: USS Hancock (CV-19)

Scrapbook 3: USS Scorpion (SSN 589); NASA


UA 552-10

Scrapbook 1: USS Benson (DD 421); USS St. Paul (CA 73); South Vietnamese President Diem; Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara

Scrapbook 2: Sir Thomas Pike; USS Midway (CV-41); USS Ranger (CV-61)


UA 552-11

Scrapbook 1: USS Segundo (SS 398); Admiral Thach in Turkey

Scrapbook 3: Griffin in Turkey

Scrapbook 5:

Packet 1: London; Tropical Canal (Panama?); USS Oriskany (CV-34)

Packet 2: Berlin; Tropical scenes; Plane takeoffs

Packet 3: Portraits

Packet 4: Events in Asia; Portraits

Packet 5: Events in Arabia / Asia / Parties


Scrapbook 6: USS Morton (DD 948); USS Puro (AE-24); USS Midway (CVA-41)


UA 552-12:

Scrapbook 2: USS America (CV-66); Ceremonies in Greece; Stewart Symington


UA 552-13:

Scrapbook 1: General Lyman Lemnitzer

Scrapbook 2: F9F Panther, USS Oriskany (CVA-34)

Scrapbook 3: USS Oriskany (CVA-34); USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13); USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42);

VS-6 planes


Scrapbook 4: USS Midway (CV-41); Crash of plane on USS Oriskany (CVA-34); Receptions for Griffin

Scrapbook 6: Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer

Scrapbook : F2H Banshee lost of the side of USS Oriskany (CVA-34) & rescue


UA 552-14

Scrapbook 1: Nettuna Memorial Day Services, 1965; Visit to Attaturk Tomb

Scrapbook 2: USS Mississippi (EAG-128); Task Force 80 off Guantanamo Bay; USS Oriskany (CV-34);

Lockheed WV-2 (EC 121 Warning Star)

Scrapbook 3: Party for Change of Command ceremony on Oriskany

Scrapbook 6: USMC 191st birthday party

Scrapbook 7: Satcom (Telephone) System


UA 552-15

Scrapbook 3: F9F-8 on USS Intrepid (CVA-11); USS Ranger (CVA-61); George Meany; USS Randolph

(CVA-15); USS Forrestal (CVA-59); Night time take off from Forrestal; HU-2 helicopter


UA 552-16

Scrapbook 1: USS Okinawa (LPH-3) Commissioning, 14 April 1962

Scrapbook 2: Photographs

Scrapbook 3: Kobe Shipyard & Engine Works, Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, Reorganized, Limited. Kobe,


Scrapbook 4: Photos – Look at me! – Unidentified military parade / review event in Europe

Scrapbook 5: Comando Forze Terrestri Alleate Sud Europa, Verona (Italia)


UA 552-17

Scrapbook: A Souvenir of your visit to Landsoutheast

Scrapbook: A Souvenir of your visit to Landsoutheast

Scrapbook: Visit to headquarters 17 November

Scrapbook: U.S. Naval Submarine Base, New London: Admiral Charles D. Griffin Cincusnaveur

Scrapbook: Scuola Allievi Sottufficiali: Viterbo

Scrapbook: Scuola Militare Di Paracadutismo

Scrapbook: CincSouth Change of Command March 31, 1965

Scrapbook: CincSouth Deep Furrow 1965

Scrapbook: Pre Sail Briefing USS Lexington (CVA-16) Subic Bay, P.I., 30 January 1961

Loose photos of Griffin


UA 552-18

Scrapbook 1: AFSouth 25th Anniversary Ceremonies

Scrapbook 2: Commander Carrier Division Four

Scrapbook 3: Arrivo e Partenza Amm. Charles Donald Griffin 26.2.1964

Scrapbook 4: Visit of Adm. C.D. Griffin USN, Naples Italy


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