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UA 02.03 CAPT Wells L. Field Collection

CAPT Wells L. Field Collection
Title: CAPT Wells L. Field Collection
Caption: Collection photo # UA 02.03.01 - the naval contingent at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games (marching in opening ceremony?)
Description: Collection of naval vessels from 1880-1915 period (including: USS Charleston, USS Ranger (1901) USS Bennington, 1881 war ships (negatives), USS Piscataqua (1867)); naval officers and graduates from Naval Academy, 1880-1881; the naval contingent at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games (marching in opening ceremony?); USS Charleston (1901 ship & 1892 mascot – a goat); USS Mississippi race boat crew (1926 & 1927); and a scrapbook titled “The United States Atlantic Fleet – Uncle Sam’s Scrap Book” (ships from 1919-1915 period, including USS Connecticut, USS Michigan, USS Delaware, USS Utah, USS North Dakota, USS Florida, USS Louisiana, USS Kansas, USS South Carolina, USS Vermont, USS New Hampshire, USS Mississippi, USS Minnesota, USS Idaho, USS Missouri, USS Ohio, USS Maine, USS Georgia, USS Nebraska, USS Virginia, USS Rhode Island, USS New Jersey, USS Washington, USS San Marcos after destruction, New Hampshire firing on San Marcos, USS Chester, USS Salem, & USS North Carolina )
Accession #: UA 02
Catalog #: UA 02.03
Donor: CAPT Wells L. Field
Copyright Owner: Naval History & Heritage Command
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