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The Press Train

A train is steaming along the track in the distance
Description: Painting, Watercolor on Paper; by Hugh Cabot; 1952; Framed Dimensions 22H X 27W
Accession #: 88-187-AG
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Keeping up a full head of steam for one year, the press train in Musan-ni was one of the most efficient and well-coordinated assets to the entire peace conference. Housing some of the world's finest war correspondents, primarily men of the various international wire services, the train served as a communications center, berthing quarter, messing facility, supply point and information center for the entire world on all news in all media regarding the truce talks. Located in a shabby Korean village, a prominent rail point in peactime, completely destroyed by the explosion of an ammunition train of its kind, the press train will always be a part of every correspondent military and civilian alike who covered the Korean War. (Musan-ni, Chosen) 

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  • Korean Conflict 1950-1954
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