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First Aid Station on the Beach

Wounded on the beach receive care
Description: Painting, Watercolor on Paper; by Mitchell Jamieson; 1944; Framed Dimensions 25H X 30W
Accession #: 88-193-HT
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These wounded are awaiting evacuation to the ships off shore, but the difficulty is getting the landing craft to shore. It is low tide now and many craft are stranded by the swiftly subsiding water.  In the meanwhile, the medics do what they can and get them out of the line of fire. One man has died and a corpsman covers him with a blanket.  Wounded are being brought back from the fighting inland but at this stage of the invasion, the wounded could not receive anything like prompt care and evacuation although the medics and corpsmen did everything in their power.

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  • Art
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  • World War II 1939-1945
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