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Destroyer Letting Go Depth Charges Off Stern D-Day Minus 1

Sailors on deck watch a depth charge explosion
Description: Drawing, Charcoal, Pen and Wash; by Mitchell Jamieson; 1944; Unframed Dimensions 10H X 14W
Accession #: 88-193-RM (Front side)
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One of the dangers to the invasion fleet was the threat of German U-boats attacking the tightly-packed ships.  In the days before D-Day, destroyers and other anti-submarine warfare ships patrolled the English Channel to destroy or drive away any lurking enemy subs.  In the background a US Navy destroyer has unleashed its depth charges (barrels of high explosives detonated underwater by time fuzes) in an attempt to destroy a suspected German submarine contact.  The high water plume on the horizon shows where a depth charge has exploded.  The destroyer’s crew was at “general quarters” battle-stations, with each officer and sailor wearing a steel helmet and life preserver. 

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