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All Together! Enlist In the Navy!

Six sailors from allied countries standing next to each other. The words “All Together!  Enlist In the Navy!” above and below them.
Description: Painting, Gouache on Illustration Board; By Henry Reuterdahl; 1917; Framed Dimensions 33H X 44W
Accession #: 60-376-A
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Promoting enlistment in the United States Navy, this poster features camaraderie with Allied sailors.  Each sailor stands over the national ensign that would be flying on his ship, which is depicted in the background behind him.  Left to right they are Japan, France, United States, Great Britain, Russia, and Italy.  The British sailor wears an unusual “sennit” cover which was part of the tropical uniform until 1921.

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  • Art
Wars & Conflicts
  • World War I 1917-1918
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